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SVPL Stone X 250 Crawler

Ordering Part No. - SV 250 15 4208

SVPL Stone X – 250 Crawler Drill

The SVPL StoneX 250 Crawler Drill is a cutting-edge piece of equipment designed for heavy-duty drilling operations. With its powerful engine and rugged construction, this machine can tackle even the toughest drilling tasks with ease.
The StoneX 250 Crawler Drill features a crawler chassis that provides excellent stability and traction on rough terrain, making it ideal for use in mining, quarrying, and construction applications. Its high torque hydraulic drill head ensures maximum drilling efficiency, while the advanced hydraulic system delivers precise and responsive control.

Key Features







Tramming speed

3.2 Km/h


2 mph

Traction Force



 3821 lbf

Track oscilation

+/- 30

Ground clearance

230 mm


9 in

Hill Climbing ability

30 degree

Equipped with a state-of-the-art cabin, the StoneX 250 offers operators a comfortable and safe working environment, with excellent visibility and ergonomic controls that make it easy to operate for extended periods of time. The machine is also equipped with a range of safety features, including a fire suppression system, emergency stop buttons, and advanced diagnostic sensors that monitor key systems in real-time.

Designed for ease of maintenance, the StoneX 250 Crawler Drill comes with easily accessible service points, and its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability even in the most challenging environments.

Overall, the SVPL StoneX 250 Crawler Drill is an exceptional piece of machinery that delivers outstanding performance, reliability, and safety. It is the perfect choice for any organization looking to take on challenging drilling projects with confidence.





Overall Length

4850 mm

190 in.


1750 mm

69 in.

(Without boom & Drill Guide)

2130 mm

84 in.

Ground Clearance

260 mm

10.23 in.

 Grouser Width

260 mm

10.23 in.

Operating Weight

 3500 kg

7716 LBS

Track Length (Ground contact) 1290 mm

1390 mm

51 in.

Overall Track Length

1845 mm

73 in.


2600 mm

102 in





Max. feed rate

0.3 m/s

59.0 ft/min

Feed force pull up

2500 kg

5511 LBS

 Feed force pull down

2140 kg

 4720 LBS

Total Length

5130 mm

16.83 ft

 Travel length

 3565 mm

 11.69 ft





Hole dia (10TH)

75 mm-120 mm

3 – 4.75 in.

Hole depth (DTH) max

27.5 m

90 ft


Above Centre Line

45 degrees

45 degrees

below Centre Line

30 degrees

30 degrees

Swing Range

90 deg.

90 deg.



90 deg,

90 deg.


75 degrees

75 degrees





Free Air Delivery (FAD)

450-500 cfm 12742-14158 1/imin


Operating Pressure

150-200 psi

10.34-13.78 bar

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